Document Scanning and Imaging Services

If you’re looking to speed up efficiency and improve workflow productivity, document scanning and imaging is the perfect solution. DocuGuard offers a cost-effective way to convert your paper documents to digital images. Our scanning and imaging services include day-forward and backfile conversions of standard-size and large-format documents as well as microfilm. We can also implement a comprehensive document management system that provides the following features:

  • Desktop file retrieval
  • Secure digital storage
  • Enhanced disaster recovery
  • Electronic retention monitoring

DocuGuard’s scanning and imaging services can help your business manage its information more efficiently than ever before.

Cost-effective, time-saving document scanning

DocuGuard’s turnkey scanning and imaging services will digitize your paper in a fraction of the time and cost it would take you to do scan in-house. We eliminate all overhead and administrative costs associated with do-it-yourself scanning and conversion projects, such as:

  • Scanning hardware and software expenses
  • Vetting and hiring of temporary staff
  • Digital file integration

Our screened professional scanning technicians use industry-leading document imaging technology to convert your records to digital images efficiently and accurately.

Our document scanning process

Without the right expertise, a document scanning project can disrupt your entire organization. We handle every phase of document imaging and conversion so you can stay focused on your clients and business, including:
1. Setup: We carefully analyze your unique needs and implement an imaging and document management solution that works perfectly for your company.

2. Scanning Preparation: We prepare all your documents for scanning. Staples and bindings are removed and pages unfolded as required. The quality of each document is assessed to verify image enhancement requirements.

3. Scanning: All documents are scanned according to industry specifications to ensure the highest level of accuracy and quality. All documents are re-scanned as necessary until readability is confirmed. Each file is saved in your preferred file format, including popular formats like PDF, JPG, TIFF, HTML, XML and BMP.

4. Indexing: Your scanned files are indexed according to your workflow requirements. Optical character recognition (OCR) software gives you the ability to search files by subject, keyword, phrase or date.

5. Quality Control: We verify that your documents have been accurately imaged and converted to your preferred file format. Any file not imaged to our high standards is immediately re-scanned.

6. Access: Your digital files are integrated with your existing document management application. We also offer our own proprietary document management system that enables your files to be electronically accessed, modified and distributed. Access to our system is limited to designated employees in your organization. We can even customize security levels to each end user for the ultimate in security.

7.Completion: Your scanned documents are held for a minimum of 90 days or until you give us authorization to archive, destroy, or return your original documents. We keep a digital backup so your digital information is never lost.

Whether you want to digitize a handful of documents or are looking for a full paperless office solution, we can help. For more information about our document scanning and imaging services, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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