Why Off-Site Records Storage?

Layers of Security

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Off-site records storage offers many business benefits. Here we highlight several ways our off-site records storage services protect your information and help your company stay efficient and productive.


Identity theft and business fraud are ever-increasing risks every business faces. Unfortunately, even documents stored in your office are susceptible to unauthorized access, exposing your organization to the following consequences:

  • Increased legal liability
  • Regulatory non-compliance
  • Potential brand damage

Our off-site record storage services help prevent the misuse of theft of your sensitive information. Access to our records centre is limited to screened and bonded DocuGuard employees. We also control and monitor all file retrieval using a special barcode tracking system so you always have a verifiable audit trail of activity for your records inventory.

Disaster protection

Where you store your records matters. Fires, floods and natural disasters usually occur without warning and can result in the total loss of your document inventory. Off-site storage protects your documents from physical damage. Our records centre offers the ultimate off-site storage solution for your business:

  • State-of-the-art fire detection and suppression systems
  • High-density racking systems
  • Climate control monitoring


Boxes of documents and file cabinets consume large amounts of office space, especially as your records inventory grows. And the last thing you need is a cluttered workplace. Off-site storage helps you reduce the volume of information stored on-site and convert file storage areas into revenue-generating space.


Manually searching for documents drains your productivity. When you store your records off-site with DocuGuard, we handle file retrieval, delivery and pickup so you can focus on your core responsibilities. Your files are transported in our GPS-tracked and alarmed vehicle and delivered to your whenever you need them. We offer the following delivery options:

  • Same day
  • Next day
  • After hours, weekends and holidays

As soon as you’re finished with your files, pick them up and transport them back to our secure records centre for secure off-site storage.

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